Design Thinking

Masterclass Program by

Arun Subrahmanyan

Asia’s No.1 Success Coach

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    Why Design Thinking

    Design thinking is a robust process of problem-solving that begins with understanding unmet customer needs. From that insight emerges an approach for innovation that encompasses concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation. Using design thinking in business, professional life, and life itself, the quality of our handling situations innovatively improves substantially.

    The Program is for

    This program is for teams and individuals who want to learn a proven, systematic approach to problem-solving and new product development. Anyone responsible for driving innovation, growth, and the customer experience should attend, including functional and cross-functional teams.
    It is a must for the following Professionals:
    Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Growth Manager, R&D Manager, and Product Head C-Suite executives including CEO, COO, Managing Director, Founder, President, Chief Strategy Officer, Innovation and Growth Consultants.

    Upon completion, you will be able to

    About Me

    Mr. Arun Subrahmanyan

    Asia’s No.1 Success Coach

    Arun Subrahmanyan, the Managing Director of Top League Training and Business Consulting, is a multi-faceted individual with over 43 years of experience as a business leader and entrepreneur, more than two decades as CEO.


    As a senior management team member at several leading companies, he has built and managed organizations in the face of significant regulatory, technological, and industrial change. These experiences have given him a ringside view of the shifting paradigms in the business world and the strategies that need to be employed to address them effectively.


    A Business strategy expert, Arun’s programs on Design Thinking, Branding, Value Proposition, Creativity, and Innovation are top-rated and very well attended. Since 2020 he has been busy helping startups, entrepreneurs, and professionals overcome the problems created by the pandemic.


    His training is impactful, on the lines of Cognitive and Implicit learning.
    you can contact him on +919384097866/+917338953542
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