Join us for one of the most rewarding career choices

Diplome de Trainer

Arun Subrahmanyan & Vytheeshwaran Vedagiri

Limited Seats Only !

    Join us for one of the most rewarding career choices

    Diplome de Trainer

    Arun Subrahmanyan & Vytheeshwaran Vedagiri

    Limited Seats Only !

      Diplome de Trainer Certification Program

      This entry-level program is designed for people who are new to the training industry and want to build a sustainable and rewarding career in the training industry.
      This program is aimed at coaching you on the fundamentals of training. This is 100-hour program, will feature experiential live sessions every Saturday and Sunday for 6 hours. The 23-week course begins on 4th September 2021.

      About The Program

      Our Internationally acclaimed certification courses are designed with a scientific approach to empower trainers to design, develop and deliver world-class training to an international audience.

      This ‘Diplome de Trainer Certification Program’ is designed by a group of leaders from the training and development industry to deliver an experiential learning experience. This enables learners to realize their latent potential and apply their skills to transform themselves into world-class training and development professionals. Our “in-time coaching model” is designed to be delivered as both classroom and as live online programs.

      Curriculum Highlights


      While the curriculum approach will focus on the creation of a generic training program, the program design is flexible to be customized according to learning styles and learner requirements.


      The curriculum will feature a blend of content delivery and group activities with greater emphasis on the latter. Participants of the program will become members of the community giving participants a platform to present their expertise and connect with peers. This community will be moderated by the facilitator.


      At a personal level, the Participants will realize their own “aha!” moments throughout the program. Various reflective activities designed along the course coupled with open office sessions to address questions/concerns from the participants throughout their learning journey makes this a truly unique and personal journey.

      Your Faculty

      Mr. Arun Subrahmanyan

      Asia’s leading Success Coach and an expert in Cognitive Behavioral Sciences with over 23 years of CEO experience.

      Mr. Vytheeshwaran Vedagiri

      A Learning & Development Professional with over 13 years of experience in the training and development industry, consulting for Fortune 500 companies

      Curriculum - Topics

      Program Schedule

      Your Investment

      The course fee is Rs 25,000/- (INR Twenty-Five Thousand only) exclusive of GST.

      Book your seat today at just Rs. 999/-

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