Our Projects

Participes Tui Scientia

Participes Tui Scientia, which means Share Your Knowledge, is a unique project by TopLeague to address the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The objective of this project is to promote knowledge sharing among its community members and help them upskill themselves; help businesspeople understand and develop a business strategy in 2021.


This learning platform has been created by the community and for the community to help develop Trainers and Coaches who will in turn provide their best to the present and future generations.


Membership to this community is free. Under this project, any member of the Participes Tui Scientia community can use the platform to deliver webinars on any subject about which they are passionate and have something to share with the world.


The platform will give a resource person an exposure to over 25000 accomplished members of the Top League community who are Senior Managers, Academicians, Business Owners, and respectable members of the Society.

QuodIuvenisIngenio (Young Genius)

QuodIuvenisIngenio is a vibrant global platform to motivate young minds, showcase the talent & bring out the genius in them.


In this challenging times, TopLeague commits to mitigate theCovid 19 induced effects on thosewho should be given the mostprotection – our children.This commitment has manifesteditself as yet another project bythe name “QuodIuvenisIngenio” -meaning Young Genius.


QuodIuvenisIngenio proposes toextend the Participes Tui Scientia platform to home boundchildren; they will be invited to comeand share their talent in any fieldwhere their interest lies. In this way,children will spend their timepurposefully and, in the process, willbe engaged with other participatingchildren in the platform.


The platform will be available forchildren in the age group of 5-18years, on Saturdays and Sundays, every week. Children’s participation isstrictly through registration, with theexplicit consent, guidance, andpresence of the parent(s) on theirperforming day/time.


QuodIuvenisIngenio movement willbe governed by capable, experienced,and reputed members of thecommunity; they will be supported byloving and caring parent memberswho are volunteering to engage withthe participating children and bringout their genius in them.